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 Kimm Suffolks is dedicated to helping sheep producers improve their flocks in a variety of ways, thus allowing their customers the opportunity to enjoy the true "BALANCED GENETICS" approach to raising sheep, the philosophy upon which their program is built.   Since 1972 they have strived to  breed complete sheep that are functional, productive, predictable, healthy, and structurally correct.
  These animals have been offered for sale with the most accurate pedigrees possible at affordable prices.  Since 1988 their annual Production Sale has been held the first weekend in May.  They have a standing guarantee that they want to be the first to hear about any disappointments, which buyers may encounter, and promise to make fair adjustments.

Fall 2016 Photo Album

2016 Replacement Ewe Lambs

2016 Mature Ewe Flock Prior to 2017 Lambing

Fall 2015 Photo Album

2015 Replacement Ewe Lambs

2015 Mature Ewe Flock Prior to 2016 Lambing

Fall 2014 Photo Album

2014 Replacement Ewe Lambs
Mature Ewe Flock Prior to 2015 Lambing

Fall 2013 Photo Album

2013 Replacement Ewe Lambs
2013 Yearling Ewes

Fall 2012 Photo Album

2012 Replacement Ewe Lambs
2011 Yearling Ewes

Two Year Old Ewes
Three Year Old Ewes
Mature Flock


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Kimm Suffolks
Bob Kimm & Family

1055 County Road 1590
Willow Springs, MO 65793

319-290-8997 Bob’s Cell
423-220-0772 Lu’s Cell


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